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Get BDS Suspension Lift Kits at Viper Motorsports Weatherford Texas

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Get BDS Suspension Lift Kits at Viper Motorsports Weatherford Texas

BDS Suspension is arguably the number one, all around lift kit brand in the aftermarket suspension industry today. This is one of our favorite lift kit manufacturers here at Viper Motorsports for several reasons including: premium engineering, a dedication to reliability and customer satisfaction with the best “NO BS” Warranty in the business. At Viper Motorsports we sell and install BDS Suspension lift kits and suspension accessories and we recommend them to anyone looking for a complete suspension lift kit that can handle just about any kind of abuse you throw at it. BDS stands behind there products and their motto "Use It and Abuse It"

In the 1980’s, BDS Suspension started as a relatively small off-road shop in Coldwater Michigan called Sport Truck USA. Like every off-road shop, they sold whatever truck accessories that were available at the time including wheels, tires, off-road lighting, roll bars and of course lift kits. After a few years of selling and installing the suspension lift kits they had access to, BDS decided that they could build a better suspension lift kit themselves. They were convinced they would have more success and fewer hassles with a Better Designed Suspension system than those they were offering at that time so, in 1996, BDS Suspension was born. 
Today, BDS is part of an even bigger picture. BDS Suspension is the flagship brand of the Sport Truck USA stable, which includes Zone Off-Road, JKS Suspension, and 4x4 Posi-Lok. In March of 2014, Fox Factory Holding Corp acquired Sport Truck USA and if you know anything about off-road racing, then you are likely familiar with FOX Shocks. BDS teaming up with FOX not only improves BDS’ opportunities for engineering, research and development but also provides BDS lift kit buyers with an option to upgrade from their NX2 Nitro Series shocks to high performance Fox 2.0 Performance series shocks and even the option to replace your torsion bar suspension or coil spring setup with Fox Factory Series 2.5 Remote Reservoir Coil-Over shocks on many vehicle applications. You can also upgrade from the BDS 9500 series or NX2 Nitro Series steering stabilizer to a FOX 2.0 Series stabilizer.

BDS builds suspension lift kits for just about every truck, Jeep or SUV on the road today including: Chevrolet, GMC, Ford, Dodge Ram, Jeep and Toyota. They also offer suspension accessories including lifting blocks, bump stops, coil springs, control arms and control arm parts, leaf springs, shock boots, shock bushings, traction bars, U-bolts, brake lines, skid plates, track bars and more.

BDS Lift Kits for Chevy/GMC, Dodge/Ram, Ford, Nissan, Jeep and Toyota at Viper Motorsports Weatherford, Texas

BDS 2-3” and 6.5” Coilover Conversion Systems Chevy/GMC HD
Building upon the proven BDS High Clearance IFS System, this lift kit allows Chevy Silverado/GMC Sierra 2500HD/3500HD owners the ability to ditch the outdated, factory torsion bar front suspension entirely in favor of FOX 2.5 factory series remote DSC Reservoir coilover setup. BDS offers complete coilover conversion lift kits for GM/GMC HD or a Coilover upgrade kit designed to work with existing BDS high clearance systems.

This BDS coilover conversion kit includes new upper and lower control arms. The upper control arms are a tubular design while the bottom is a massive plate-steel unit that’s internally reinforced and both utilize heavy-duty MOOG ball joints.

Having the ability to fine-tune your truck’s suspension is part of the value brought with this kit. The DSC adjustment allows for easy adjustment of the vehicle's suspension compression (upwards movement of the shock) with a twist of the knobs to dial in the best possible ride quality on and off-road.

BDS 4” & 6” Coilover Suspension Systems Ford Super Duty
If you drive a late model Ford Super Duty, BDS Suspension has you dialed in with several lift kit and performance system options to improve your F250 or F350's capability off-road while maintaining its on-road comfort. These coilover conversion systems for the Ford F250/F350 Super Duty bringing a new level of performance.

BDS offers 4” and 6" coilover conversion systems for Ford Super Duty and they are available with massive tubular radius arms as well as 4-link arm systems that both deliver improved strength, handling, and caster control along with room for larger tires. These new systems convert the front coil springs over to FOX 2.5 Coilovers with Remote Reservoir (available with optional DSC adjustment) for improved ride quality and performance on most any terrain. The new coilover mounts key off the factory coil buckets to allow the use of an auxiliary FOX shock. Get more out of your Ford Super Duty with a BDS coilover suspension with FOX Shocks.

BDS FIXED and RECOIL Traction Bars
BDS Suspension offers an innovative spring-loaded traction bar system engineered to improve traction and limit axle wrap without negatively affecting the suspension travel or ride quality of your stock or lifted truck. These revolutionary RECOIL traction bars allow you to tune the spring compression for optimal performance on and off road. They use a full floating design that allows for the full range of wheel travel.

BDS Upper Control Arms
Designed to provide improved strength, great looks, and increased suspension travel for your stock, leveled or lifted truck, BDS UCAs are made from high strength, fully welded 1.5” ODx.120-wall tubing. They use an indexed ball joint cup to correct the ball joint positioning for use with leveling kits and most BDS and other fully (Independent Front Suspension) IFS lift kits. The frame mounting ends feature Clevite rubber frame bushings. At the other end they have an indexed ball joint cup with heavy-duty Moog ball joints for smooth, silent operation and superior durability compared to uniball UCAs, poly bushings or heims. They are black powder coated and include a billet aluminum ball joint dust cap as well as the necessary brake line attachment points.

From the very beginning, BDS has been laser focused on providing the best engineered, most reliable suspension products on the market. As a result, these kits can actually take a beating unlike many suspension brands. They offer some of the best ball joint and CV axle angles available industry wide. BDS Suspension systems are all FMVSS No. 126 Compliant meaning they have all been tested to ensure that installing a BDS lift kit will not adversely affect factory ESC (Electronic Stability Control) systems, which basically means after installing a BDS lift kit, your OEM Stabilitrak traction control systems will continue to work properly.

To back up their premium engineering even more, BDS offers a NO FINE PRINT WARRANTY on all of their lift kits and suspension components. If you really want to, you can take your truck, Jeep or SUV out and drive it like you stole it and if any component of your BDS suspension breaks and you are the original purchaser of the BDS product, let them know and they will ship you some new parts… That’s it! No other lift kit manufacturer does that. This is proof that BDS Suspension stand solid behind every product they build.

At Viper Motorsports, we feel BDS Suspension is currently at the head of the pack when it comes to lift kits and suspension components right now. They certainly aren’t the cheapest lift kit available but in a “you get what you pay for” industry like aftermarket suspension, they’re priced right. the right engineering, the right quality with that AWESOME warranty. You really can't go wrong with a BDS lift kit.

Viper Motorsports Sells and Installs BDS Suspension Lift Kits in Weatherford, Texas.

When you’re ready to take your game to the next level, let the lift kit experts at Viper Motorsports hook you up with a new BDS Suspension lift kit and professional installation. We’re located at 902 Fort Worth Hwy. in Weatherford, Texas. (817) 609-8001.

If you’re a little short on cash but still want one of the best lift kits available, we have NO CREDIT Needed Financing options for Lift Kits, Tires, Wheels and most any truck accessories you might need. Apply online at vipermotorsports.com.

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