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Catalytic Converters

A new catalytic converter isn’t an item anyone wants to spend money on. They don’t give your vehicle more aggressive sound, they aren't cool, and they certainly aren’t pretty. But if you want to pass a state inspection, it had better be functioning properly. A sudden drop in fuel mileage, car refusing to start, check engine light, and poor acceleration are all signs of a failing catalytic converter.

Catalytic Converters Weatherford, TX

Pass the Inspection with a Replacement Catalytic Converter

Keep your emissions in check and your car, truck or SUV running smoothly with a new replacement catalytic converter from the exhaust experts at Viper Motorsports in Weatherford, Texas. We offer a wide variety of replacement catalytic converters for nearly every make and model of vehicle. We provide FREE exhaust inspections, very competitive prices and same day installation in many cases.

Catalytic Converters Fort Worth, TX


Viper Motorsports offers Direct-fit as well as Universal catalytic converters. Direct-fit converters are engineered to match the cat that originally came on your vehicle with the same diameter tubing and the O2 sensor will be in exactly the same spot. They typically bolt directly into place with no welding necessary however, they’re not always available for every vehicle.

If a direct-fit catalytic converter isn’t available for your vehicle, no problem. We will fit your vehicle with a universal replacement that will work just as well. Universal catalytic converters cover a wide variety of vehicle makes and models. Installation of a universal converter usually requires more time as welding, cutting, and tube-bending are required. Viper Motorsports has direct-fit and universal catalytic converters from most of the top exhaust manufacturers.

Catalytic Converters Mineral Wells, TX


Many vehicles require a catalytic converter that is part of the exhaust manifold. They match the design, size, materials and performance of the OEM parts that came on your vehicle. They are also emissions-certified just as the original parts are and should bolt in to place without much problem. In the early 1990’s cars started getting smaller and as a result, Integrated exhaust manifolds were developed to save space on foreign cars with smaller engines. Auto manufacturers liked the smooth engine performance and quick light-up time that integrated manifolds delivered so, they are now very common on new cars and trucks and SUVs sold in the USA.

Catalytic Converters Aledo, TX


Oxygen sensor failure is one of the top 5 reasons your vehicle's check engine light might come on. In 2015 oxygen sensor replacement was the most common automotive repair making up 7 percent of all auto repairs done in 2015. Symptoms of a failing oxygen sensor are very similar to those of a failing catalytic converter but also include engine knocking and pinging. Oxygen sensors are located within the exhaust stream. There is at least O2 sensor located before the catalytic converter and usually one in each exhaust manifold. There may also be one or two O2 Sensors located after the catalytic converter to monitor its effectiveness. Depending on the exhaust system design.

At Viper Motorsports, we proudly service the Catalytic Converter Replacement needs of customers in Weatherford TX, Aledo TX, Peaster TX, Millsap TX, Springtown TX, Dennis TX, Azle TX, Fort Worth TX, Cresson TX, Poolville TX, Whitt TX, Mineral Wells TX, Newark TX, Lipan TX, Perrin TX and surrounding areas.

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