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Jeep Bumpers

Shop Jeep Front and Rear Bumpers at Viper Motorsports Weatherford, Texas.

Traditionally, stock Jeep bumpers have basically been glorified license plate holders that offer minimal protection and can be destroyed with even the slightest impact. I believe that Fiat Chrysler knows most people are going to replace the OEM bumpers so they don’t put a lot of effort into designing them.

There are so many choices when it comes to replacement Jeep Wrangler bumpers that it’s impossible to say which is really the “best”. Thankfully, there is no reason to settle for a flimsy OEM bumper when the Jeep aftermarket bumper options are almost limitless. Shop brands like: Fab Fours, Poison Spyder, Body Armor, DV8 Off-Road, Ranch Hand, Go Rhino, JRC Off-Road, Smittybilt, Road Armor, Rugged Ridge, Iron Cross, Rampage bumpers, MBRP, Aries, Westin, Paramount and many more.  Choose from full width, mid width and stubby front bumpers for jeep as well as winch ready bumpers, bumpers with bull bars, grille guards and stingers, spare tire carriers and more.

Jeep with front bumper installed in Weatherford, TX

Viper Motorsports in Weatherford, TX offers steel and aluminum, front and rear Jeep bumpers from most every major manufacturer. We also provide bumper installation and No Credit Check Financing.

Areas Served: Weatherford, TX, Fort Worth, TX, Mineral Wells, TX, Aledo, TX, Springtown, TX, Granbury, Tx, Axle, TX and surrounding areas.

Are Steel or Aluminum Bumpers Best for Jeep?

Most replacement bumpers for Jeep are made of steel but there are also several aluminum bumper options. Clearly, steel is heavier and more durable but, it’s also heavier. You’ll likely notice a drop in your gas mileage due to the extra weight. Aluminum Jeep bumpers do offer a better level of protection than the OEM bumpers and adding one rarely increases fuel consumption but, they’re a bit pricier than steel bumpers. It’s always a good idea to keep gas mileage in mind when shopping for Jeep accessories that add additional weight to the vehicle.  

What is the Difference Between Full-Width, Mid-Width and Stubby Jeep Bumpers?

Full Width Jeep Bumpers: A full width bumper offers the most protection for your Jeep. They cover the entire width of the vehicle and offer the best protection from direct impact in a collision with another vehicle or trees and other obstacles off-road. Full width is also the heaviest option so they may make the front-end squat a little more and will likely affect gas mileage to some extent.

Mid-Width Jeep Bumpers: Mid-width bumpers are slightly narrower than a full width bumper and still offer a decent amount of protection but aren’t quite as heavy as a full-width bumper. They offer a better level of clearance and articulation than the full width bumpers.

Stubby Jeep Bumpers: These are the lightest and also the least expensive option for your Jeep. The offer the best level of tire clearance off-road which is why they are popular for Jeeps that see more dirt than pavement. That being said, stubby bumpers don’t offer much protection for the wheels, tires or fenders. They’re basically a horizontal plane for the Jeep’s frame but, they are still better than the OEM bumper.

Jeep Bumper Options and Add-Ons

There are several options when it comes to choosing add-ons for your Jeep bumper. You can choose add-ons that offer even more protection as well as space for extra lighting and even a way of carrying items like spare tires, hi-lift jacks and extra fuel or water. Let’s discuss a few of the most popular options for jeep bumper add-ons.

  • Winches: If you intend to use your Jeep off-road, you’re going to need a winch at some point. There are endless options when it comes to winch ready front Jeep bumpers. As we mentioned previously, weight will be a factor with regard to gas mileage when you add a steal bumper. The same considerations apply when adding a winch.
  • Grille Guards: There are various designs when it comes to grille guards on Jeep bumpers but most all are designed to protect your grille, lights, radiator and engine components from branches and other debris. Grille guards can also provide a place to mount additional off-road lighting.
  • Bull Bars: Want to be able to plow through thick brush? Need a place to mount some additional lighting or maybe a hi-lift jack? If so, then you might choose a bumper with an attached bull bar. They don’t offer quite as much protection as a bumper with a grille guard but, they definitely get the job done.
  • Stinger for Jeep Bumpers: Stingersare mainly for hardcore off-roaders. If you’ve ever driven off-road and attempted to drive down a very steep decline, you might have noticed that sometimes, the rear of your Jeep wants to go downhill faster than the front. A stinger attached to the front bumper is designed to prevent forward, end-over-end rollovers by contacting the ground first and forcing the vehicle’s momentum to the side. Stingers are also good for deflecting branches, boulders and other obstacles protecting your winch, grille, radiator and engine components.
  • Spare tire Carriers: It’s rare to see a Jeep without the spare tire. They actually look a little strange without one hanging of the back. If you add larger, heavier tires and wheels to your Jeep, that lightweight OEM spare tire carrier probably isn’t going to cut it. You either need to spring for a heavier duty tailgate mounted carrier or you’ll want a new rear bumper with an attached swing-away spare tire carrier. Choose carefully as all spare tire carriers are not created equal.
  • How Are You Going to Use Your Jeep?
    Your intended use of your Jeep should dictate most of the choices you make when it comes to buying aftermarket Jeep parts and accessories. Just keep in mind that everything you add to increase protection and/or functionality, especially bumpers, will likely add more weight which can affect ride height and fuel consumption.
Rear Jeep Bumper installed in Weatherford, Texas

Shop Our Huge Selection of Jeep Bumpers at Viper Motorsports in Weatherford, Texas.

Contact Viper Motorsport, Weatherford’s #1 source for aftermarket Jeep front and rear bumpers, truck bumpers, and ranch style bumpers. If you have any questions or just want to browse our HUGE selection of bumper options, contact us today. We offer expert installation and even NO CREDIT CHECK Financing with easy payment plans and 100 days same as cash! If you’re a little short on cash or credit, apply online for approvals in just minutes. Feel free to call us at (817) 609-8001 or visit us at 905 Fort Worth Hwy in Weatherford, Texas. We’re here to help you choose the best bumpers for your Jeep.

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