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Viper Motorsports has mufflers from Flowmaster, Magnaflow, Xlerator, and Flo-Pro Performance Exhaust. No matter what type of sound or performance you're looking to get, you'll find it in our inventory. Call (817) 609-8001 or schedule your muffler installation service online.

Muffler Brands Offered at Viper Motorsports

  • Flowmaster
    • Super 10: The Super 10 Series contains Flowmaster's most aggressive sounding mufflers that are designed for racing applications. This muffler line up is NOT recommended for street use. The Super 10 Series is composed of compact mufflers in 409S stainless steel that come backed by a lifetime warranty.
    • 40 Series: Flowmater's 40 Series Muffler is a street/strip muffler that lets you hear your exhaust system. It's the original high performance muffler from Flowmaster, designed for drivers who like a LOUD exhaust. 
    • Super 44 Series: Get aggressive, deep sounding, 2-chamber street mufflers when you shop Flowmaster's Super 44 Series. Custom mufflers in this line up have no internal packing to blow out and are race-proven. A 409S stainless steel option is available with a lifetime warranty.
    • Super 40 Series: Mufflers in the Super 40 Series are designed for street and strip use. Recommended for higher horsepower vehicles, the Super 40 mufflers keep resonance down while providing a richer tone compared to the original 40 Series. The Super 40 Series is perfect for performance street vehicles and hot rods with mufflers available in 16-guage aluminum or 409S stainless steel.
    • 40 Series: Flowmaster's 40 Series two chamber mufflers are designed for drivers who want an aggressive exterior tone but a reduced interior tone. It's the most quiet muffler in the 40 Series two-chambered line, and it comes in 409S stainless steel or aluminized steel. 40 Series mufflers are MIG-welded for maximum durability.
    • 80 Series: Shop the 80 Series Cross-Flow Muffler in single or dual inlets. Mufflers in the 80 Series make perfect replacement mufflers for Camaros and Firebirds. They are available in stainless steel or aluminized steel and are classified as aggressive mufflers that provide increased power/torque output compared to your factory muffler.
    • 50 Series HD: When you need a heavy duty muffler, try Flowmaster's 50 Series HD mufflers designed for trucks. Featuring 4.00-inch internal components, these mufflers provide significant increases in mileage, torque, and horsepower. The 50 Series HD mufflers are perfect for towing applications and great on both gas and diesel trucks. They are specifically designed for Dodge trucks with Hemi engines.
    • Super HP-2: Enjoy a moderate tone and sleek styling. Super HP-2 mufflers are dyno tuned for maximum performance and constructed of 409S or 304S stainless steel case in the following sizes: 2.00", 2.25", and 2.50".
    • Pro Series: When you need a versatile muffler that provides moderate sound and minimal resonance, take a look at Flowmaster's Pro Series. The linueup includes round-cased mufflers that sound great on gasoline and diesel trucks, muscle cars, and other performance and racing vehicles. Pro Series mufflers come with a lifetime warranty to the original purchaser.
    • DBX Series: Maximize exhaust efficiency and minimize interior drone with DBX Series mufflers. Designed to work with a variety of vehicle and engine applications, the DBX Series offers the muffler performance you want with minimal interior resonance. It features a 304 stainless steel casing with 409S internal materials. A limited lifetime warranty is available to the original purchaser.
    • 50 Series: Designed for passenger cars, Flowmaster's 50 Series mufflers provide a moderate tone and offer minimal interior resonance. The 409 stainless steel versions come backed by a lifetime warranty and are MIG-welded for maximum durability. An aluminized steel version is also available. Featuring a unique Resonance Tuning Chamber, the 3-chamber 50 Series Delta Flow gives you the same performance as two chambered Flowmaster mufflers to provide better engine efficiency, mileage, and power.
    • 60 Series: The Flomaster 60 Series mufflers are designed for most four and six cylinder vehicles. They are popular with import and sport compact vehicle owners and their quiet tone makes them great for daily driving. The 60 Series mufflers have been shown to provide mileage improvements and save fuel on commuter vehicles.
    • Super 50: Flowmaster's Super 50 Series includes mufflers for trucks, SUVs, and muscle cars as well as performance street applications.
    • 70 Series: The 70 Series Big Block Muffler features a long case for more volume and better sound reduction. It fits many applications where the wider 50 Series Big Block Muffler cannot. Recommended for truck applications that demand quiet operation. This muffler is available in 16-guage aluminized steel and fully MIG-welded.
  • Magnaflow: The Magnaflow muffler portfolio includes a wide selection of performance mufflers made in the USA. Get the power and sound you crave for your daily driver, off-road truck, hot rod, or other application.
  • Xlerator: Shop the complete line up of Xlerator stainless steel performance mufflers. Xlerator mufflers feature a 100% reversible design and come in single and dual applications. They produce a deep, mellow tone and include a stainless steel tubular liner that prevents blowouts.
  • Flo~Pro: Choose from the complete line up of Flo~Pro mufflers for your vehicle. Options include the following series: Original, Max, V Force, Super V, Baffle Packs, Glass Packs, Twister, Heavy Duty, Big Oval, and Diesel Mufflers

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