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Lift Kit Installation

At Viper Motorsports, we provide professional installation for every suspension lift kit and truck accessory that we sell. We also offer great deals on lift kits from most every suspension manufacturer in the industry including: Rough Country, Pro Comp, BDS Suspension, Cognito Motorsports, Fabtech Motorsports, Zone Offroad, Rancho Suspension, Super Lift, Rubicon Express, Teraflex, Skyjacker and many more. We also offer professional installation of many lift kits and aftermarket accessories even if you didn't buy them from us. We offer truck, Jeep and SUV lift kits, suspension components, bumpers, truck bed covers, tool box, steps, running boards, shocks and other accessories at very competitive prices. That being said, if you insist on purchasing your items somewhere other than Viper Motorsports and need help getting them installed properly, we will be happy to handle the installation for you at a reasonable hourly labor rate.

Do It Yourself or Hire a Professional?

The internet has changed the game somewhat when it comes to shopping for suspension lift kits, parts and aftermarket accessories for your car truck or SUV. Just a few years ago, you pretty much needed to take the advice of your local off-road shop to determine which items would best suit your purposes. Today, you can spend hours and even days or weeks doing your own research online in order to choose the perfect mods for your ride. Even if you're the best internet researcher on the planet, it still pays to get the advice of someone who sells and installs truck accessories every day.

Once you’ve chosen the perfect components, you’ll need to decide whether you should take the do-it-yourself approach to installation, or whether you should enlist the services of an experienced professional installation shop. For many car, truck, and Jeep owners, there is no debate – they have the mechanical skills, tools and the time and they are not about to let someone else work on their ride. For those who are less gifted mechanically or only possess a basic knowledge of vehicle mechanics, the answer to this do-it-yourself or not question might not be as straight forward.

Jeep with lift kit installed

On the surface, it would seem obvious that doing the job yourself will save you a lot of money compared to paying a professional, but the reality is sometimes quite different. Not all suspension lift kits are a piece of cake to install. Some require drilling, cutting and/or welding of suspension components, crossmembers and frames in order to be properly installed. Depending on how aggressive the lift kit is, it is not unusual that proper installation would require specialized tools like jacks and jack stands, spring compressors, pneumatic tools, torque wrenches, welders, cutting torches and even pullers and separators for ball joints, pitman arms and tire rods. Buying or even renting these tools and equipment will quickly chew up the dollars you thought you would be saving by doing the installation yourself.

If you, your friends or relatives don’t have access to the tools and equipment to do the job right, you might need to consider having an experienced professional do the installation for you.

How Much is Your Time Really Worth?

You've probably heard the old adage "time is money." It's a popular saying for a reason — it's true. Qualified installers with proper tools will almost always get the job done a whole lot faster than an inexperience person taking the DIY route. Most lift kits and aftermarket accessories provide an estimated length of time that the install will take in their instructions. Believe it or not, many manufacturer's instructions are not always as straight forward as we would like and some are actually just confusing. If you have no real experience or lack the proper tools, you should budget at least 50-60% more hours than listed on the instructions. Mistakes are inevitable. Especially if the instructions provided are vague which is often the case. Since most instructions are written assuming the item will be installed in a fully equipped mechanics shop, they assume that you have access to things like a lift which will dramatically reduce installation time.

Did You Receive All of the Right Suspension Parts?

It is not unusual to receive your lift kit or accessories by FEDEX or UPS and discover halfway through the install that you're missing a part or a tool necessary to finish the job. Yes, sometimes, suppliers just overlook a part or two. If the vehicle you're working on is your daily driver and its suspension components are scattered all over the garage, you’re going to need a rental or some sort of transportation until the necessary parts show up.

If the suspension lift kit you’ve purchased consists of more than replacing some coil springs or removing some U-bolts and adding blocks, the average person can find themselves in over their head pretty quickly. Full long travel setups and 4-Link systems can pose issues that only a skilled installer can handle. What seems pretty straight forward often is not when holes don’t line up or you don’t have the proper fastener or bracket. When you consider all that could go wrong and what it will feel like when you have a vehicle that can't be driven, hiring a professional may be cheaper than you originally thought.

Don't Forget the Wheel Alignment!

After even a mild lift, most vehicles are going to require wheel alignment to avoid chewing up those expensive new tires. Yes, there are actually shops that sell and install lift kits that don't even have access to an alignment machine... Why you might ask? Because alignment machines, like ours shown below, are very expensive. Any reputable lift kit/off-road shop will always provide a computerized wheel alignment as part of the normal installation package. If they don’t, find another installer. Not having the proper tools and equipment is a dead giveaway that you are likely dealing with amateurs.

four-wheel alignment on truck

Selling Lift Kits Doesn't Automatically Qualify You to Install Them.

If you decide to have your lift kit installed professionally, do your research. All lift kits are not created equal and not all people who install them have the necessary experience. Nobody wants to see a bunch of kids, fresh out of high school, installing expensive parts on their vehicle while it teeters on a few floor jacks in the middle of an old gas station parking lot. Just because a shop sells lift kits, tires and wheels, doesn’t mean they possess the knowledge to install them properly.

How Much Does it Cost to Get a Lift Kit Installed?

The amount of time required to install a lift kit will vary depending on the experience of the person installing it. Just as the kits themselves vary, so does the cost of getting one professionally installed. You’re typically looking at an hourly rate for installation and most lift kit manufacturer's list the average install time in their instructions. The manufacturer's instructions also assume that you have the proper tools and equipment to do the job right. The cost of installing most lift kits ranges anywhere from $400 – $1,200.

Viper Motorsports Offers Expert Lift Kit Installation Service in Weatherford, Texas

If don’t have the luxury of time or you find yourself out-of-your-depth on any aftermarket suspension lift kit or accessories installation, give the professionals at Viper Motorsports a call at (817) 609-8001. We specialize in lift kit installation and we have the knowledge and state-of-the-art equipment necessary to get the job done right. Stop and see us at 902 Fort Worth Hwy. in Weatherford TX. Online at vipermotorsports.com

We are located just East of Downtown Weatherford, Texas and also serve the followiing areas: Fort Worth, TX, Mineral Wells, TX, Aledo, TX, Granbury, TX, Springtown, TX,

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