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Turn up the Volume with Cherry Bomb Mufflers from Viper Motorsports in Weatherford, TX

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Turn up the Volume with Cherry Bomb Mufflers from Viper Motorsports in Weatherford, TX

In 1968, Cherry Bomb® began creating straight-through flow glasspack mufflers for the hot rod market. It was the height of the muscle car era and Cherry Bomb mufflers were one of the easiest and most common upgrades that gearheads could make to their cars. This simple product with the memorable name and a bright red paint introduced an unforgettable new sound and awesome performance to the street and the drag strip. This two-foot long fiberglass-packed muffler made a huge impact on the hot rod world and todays Cherry Bombs are even better.

Shop Viper Motorsports for affordable Cherry Bomb performance mufflers in Weatherford, TX!

From the moderately quiet hum of the Turbo muffler to the ear splitting Extreme muffler, Cherry Bomb has it all, and you'll find it here at Viper Motorsports in Weatherford, TX.

Decades of research and development have expanded the Cherry Bomb line up of muffler and exhaust products far beyond their flagship Glass pack. They offer a wide range of patented performance mufflers and accessories to suit the sound and performance demands of today’s popular cars and trucks. Cherry Bomb also offer complete cat-back exhaust systems, exhaust tubing, couplers, and hardware. Of course, Cherry Bomb still manufactures a modern version of their original glass pack but, the legendary muffler maker’s current offerings also include the original the compact M-80, Salute, Vortex, Extreme, Pro, Elite, Turbo, and the Cherry Bomb Hot Rod.

The Original Cherry Bomb GLASS PACK muffler delivers the vintage styling, sound and performance you would expect making it the perfect choice for classic hot rods as well as today’s modern muscle cars. The Cherry Bomb Glasspack is unique due to its compact design which resembles a resonator more than a traditional muffler. This smaller design is achieved as a result of the straight-through construction that puts emphasis on performance with exhaust gasses traveling a linear path rather than through a maze of pipes and baffles.

The Cherry Bomb EXTREME is definitely the loudest muffler in the Cherry Bomb line. Inlet/outlet diameters range from 2 Inches to 4 Inches. These straight-thru, single chamber mufflers are a directional flow design, increasing exhaust flow and high frequency sound. 100% welded construction coated in red powder coat for lasting reliability and looks.

Cherry Bomb VORTEX mufflers utilizes high temperature fiberglass and a patented flow divider baffle design to absorb both high & low frequency sounds. Its reversible installation design makes it the perfect fit for many cars, trucks and SUVs.

The Cherry Bomb SALUTE muffler features stainless steel construction and combines power, sound and durability for your car truck or SUV. It features a straight through perforated core, a stainless-steel wool Inner wrap and reversible flow.

The Cherry Bomb M-80 compact, directional (non-reversible) muffler features a single chamber Wing Plate design, a 5” round body, is built from 100% aluminized steel, comes in a variety of pipe sizes and offers aggressive performance sound.

The Cherry Bomb PRO muffler is non-reversible and feature a tuned flow design with a unique wing plate that improves exhaust flow and sound characteristics. They feature 100 % welded, aluminized steel construction and are finished with a high-temperature gray coating for durability. Cherry Bomb are standard body size makes them a excellent choice for most car and truck applications.

The Cherry Bomb TURBO is a Universal fit, reversible, double wrapped muffler featuring 100% mechanically locked aluminized steel construction. It reduces back pressure for increased power and acceleration. It delivers a deep, yet mellow exhaust tone and is available in standard and small sizes that will fit most car and truck applications.

Cherry Bomb HOT ROD. This is an Old School, Retro style muffler and nothing says old school like a seamed, straight thru muffler. It features louvered internal baffles and of course, the iconic CHERRYBOMB red powder coating. This muffler delivers a sounds and appearance that is as retro as it gets. Available with 2-1/4 inlet/outlet, 4” diameter body, and overall length of 23”.

Viper Motorsports is Weatherford’s source for Cherry Bomb Mufflers and Exhaust Products.

Cherry Bomb mufflers are the perfect choice for that classic hot rod or even todays today’s muscle cars and trucks so, if you’re ready to crank up the volume on your car, truck or SUV, contact the exhaust professionals at Viper Motorsports in Weatherford, TX. We are Parker County’s performance exhaust leader and we are proud to offer CHERRY BOMB Performance Exhaust Products to our customers in Weatherford, TX, Aledo Texas, Mineral Wells, TX, Granbury, Texas, Springtown, TX and surrounding areas. Our exhaust professionals have over 50 years of combined experience in the aftermarket exhaust industry and they will be happy to help you choose the perfect exhaust system or components for your car, truck or SUV.

We also offer NO CREDIT CHECK Financing options for those who are a little short on cash. Apply online for approval in just minutes and get yourself a Cherry Bomb – Disturbing the peace since 1968.

Give us a call at (817) 609-8001 or stop by our shop at 902 Fort Worth Hwy. in Weatherford, TX

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